Datalogic Skorpio™ X4
For applications in the store and on the shop floor

"The Skorpio X4 accompanies us on the shop floor as well as in the store. We have filled the shelves in the shop and received goods in the store in a trice!"
Ergonomic and reliable
This rugged mobile computer is particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in the retail environment both in-store and back-end receiving applications. With the best ergonomics on the market, the Skorpio X4 mobile computer reduces operator fatigue with no compromise in terms of reliability and robustness, resisting harsh environments, multiple drops, strong shocks and repetitive tumbles. The pistol-grip model has the most durable and comfortable handle in the industry.
Target markets and applications
  • Warehousing in all areas: inventories, stock management, picking, receipt of goods, issue of goods 
  • Retail In-store for applications on the shop floor: filling shelves, price checking etc.
Flexible model configurations
  • With handle (for storage applications)
  • Different keyboard layouts (numerical, alphanumerical)
  • Operating system optionally Windows or Android
  • Model SX4 with grip and the choice of OS system (both Android and CE)
  • Retail, instore application SX4 brick model choice focus on Android
Ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Very light
  • Largest display in its class
  • Well-arranged keyboard with large keys (numerical variants)
Based on a powerful 1GHz Multi-Core architecture, the Mobilcomputer Skorpio™ X4 delivers results at high speed and supports both Windows Embedded Compact and Android operating systems.
Skorpio™ X4

Skorpio™ X4

Skorpio™ X4 For applications in the store and on the shop floor.