Introducing the Link-OS™ environment

To meet changing expectations and growing demands for devices that are mobile, intelligent and connected to the Cloud, Zebra Technologies has created a new software environment to power Zebra® printers. The Link-OS environment makes Zebra printers even easier to integrate, manage and maintain than ever before.


Virtual Device, new in v2.0, supports multiple programming languages on one printer, allowing for fast and simple integration of Zebra Link-OS printers into a legacy system. Virtual Devices offer a future-proofed Link-OS printer, so as needs change, users can select the printer type that is right for their applications. Virtual Devices also give users the ability to move from a legacy programming language to Zebra's powerful ZPL command language.



Also new is the first phase of Profile Manager, which gives users the visibility and convenience of one application to manage all aspects of their Link-OS printers. With the ability to manage their Link-OS printers from a PC, tablet or smartphone, Profile Manager lets users control one printer, batches of printers or all printers in their network, to quickly and easily configure printer settings or to provision printers.