What's DC/POS all about?

DC/POS stand for Data Capture and Point-of-Sale solutions. While these two solutions are at the core of our business and the types of solutions we are offering to our partners from our vendors. The world of technology is evolving including our industry where it is more than just selling the hardware.

The Ingram Micro DC/POS team is specialized in offering our partners the solutions they need to make and end-to-end solution for their customers needs. This starts with the tracking of assets and collecting the data by capturing it both on a physical site or outdoor location to automation through the use of intelligent and smart solutions.

We help partners to use the captured data and intelligence to improve and optimize workflows and operations, taking data-drive decisions to maximize efficiency and in doing so saving costs and time. This all result in a seamless and smooth customer experience for the end-user. We help empower frontline workers by providing the right technology solutions they need to have an impact.

Much more than DC/POS alone

Ingram Micro DC/POS is the largest IT distributor with a specialized DC/POS division focused on enabling you to grow your business across EMEA. For that we offer leading technology solutions from our vendor partners include hardware, software and services.

  • Data capturing solutions: Barcode scanners, mobile computers, rugged handheld terminals, vehicle-mounted computers, wearable computers,  rugged tablets, …
  • Asset tracking solutions: Barcode printers – direct thermal or thermal transfer – desktop, industrial or mobile printing solutions; printer media including receipts, labels, ribbons, tags, cards and wristbands
  • Point of Sale solutions: Displays, monitors, interactive touch screens, cash drawers, pole displays, retail tablets, digital signage solutions,
  • Connectivity solutions: Wireless LAN and WAN networking infrastructures, management solutions, Bluetooth beacons, RFID readers, labels and tags

Industry applications and solutions

We offer solutions for a wide range of industries and businesses including: retail, e-commerce, warehousing, transport and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, public sector, field services and so much more.

  • Receiving, Put-away and Replenishment
  • Picking, Packing and Shipping
  • Inventory control and Management
  • Quality control and Dispatch
  • Returns management and Reverse Logistics
  • Postal and courier
  • Fleet tracking and management
  • Proof of pick-up and delivery
  • Food safety and cold-chain
  • Staff voice/data communications
Retail & Hospitality
  • E-commerce, click and collect
  • Point of sale, self-shopping and checkout
  • Customer loyalty and sales enablement
  • Inventory management and direct store delivery
  • Omnichannel fulfilment and payment solutions
  • Positive patient identification
  • Specimen collection and tracking
  • Hospital patient, staff and asset tracking
  • Pharmacy and Laboratory management
  • Patient data collection and management



  • Asset and facility management
  • Quality assurance and traceability
  • Safety/Health regulations and compliance
  • Secure and connected network
  • Automation and operational efficiency
  • Prevention, protection and response
  • Automated asset and inventory tracking
  • Real-time information management
  • Digital care and patient records
  • Critical communications and security
  • Customer experience
  • Staff education and training
  • Inventory and information access
  • Mobile customer communication
  • Field engineering and repair services