ExtremeCloud™ IQ for Education

The digital transformation of education is happening for many reasons. Innovations in education technology in both K-12 and higher education are empowering educators to deliver a more enriched, personalized, and engaging learning experience, with increased operational efficiency and at reduced cost to IT.

Education has already embraced the cloud, an Extreme Networks cloud survey of over 1,000 education IT professionals found that over 94% of institutions are hosting at least one solution in the cloud. Now the many benefits of cloud-based IT can be brought to bear on networking and network management with cloud-driven networking. 40% of education institutions have plans to make the move to cloud-driven networking in the next 1-5 years.

Why ExtremeCloud IQ: Education Benefits

Increased Agility

Increased Efficiency

Superior Quality of Experience

Increased Agility - Whether it’s the quick on-boarding of a 1-1 computing initiative with 1,500 Chromebooks or the deployment of security cameras, cloud management takes the complexity out of networking and Wi-Fi so that technology reliant education initiatives can be completed faster, with greater ease.

Increased Efficiency - Whether it’s the unique delivery of a lesson plan through the adoption of new technologies or it’s the deployment and management of the network, education has the need to increase efficiency.

Superior Quality of Experience - A heightened student and staff experience is top of mind for education technology decisions, and the network is critical to achieve it. ExtremeCloud IQ provides education IT professionals with the critical insights they need to identify problems, resolve network errors, and optimize performance before they affect students and staff.

Machine-learning calibrated client health and network health are provided, providing administrators with a wealth of data pertaining to client and network operation, connectivity health, faults, and performance and presents that data in a simple and informative way. Additional features such as dynamic Wi-Fi RF Monitoring and programmable radios help to ensure optimal performance of the Wi-Fi network.