Healthcare: An Industry Under Transformation

The healthcare industry is transforming at a rapid pace. The adoption of consumer technologies, increased consolidation and advances in connected medical devices, means that healthcare organizations need to be proactive with their IT and infrastructure strategies.

Cloud Infrastructure Management is on the Horizon

Although many healthcare applications such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Contact Centers and Health Information Systems are migrating to the cloud, infrastructure management solutions have largely remained on-premises. This is expected to change. While only 14% of healthcare organizations leverage cloud management today, 41% have plans to move their infrastructure management into the cloud in the next 1-5 years. (Extreme Networks)

ExtremeCloud IQ is a clinical-grade infrastructure management solution that meets the reliability, scalability, security and intelligence required for mission critical healthcare networks. Leveraging an innovative third generation cloud architecture, ExtremeCloud IQ delivers healthcare organizations a F.A.S.T infrastructure management solution:

  • Flexibility: right-sized for skills, scale, and business objectives
  • Agility: speed and continuous delivery of new management features and capabilities
  • Security: proven protection in the most risk-sensitive environments
  • Technology: access to best of breed technologies in the world

Why ExtremeCloud IQ: Education Benefits

Increased Agility

Increased Efficiency

Superior Quality of Experience
Increased Agility

Projects are moving rapidly within the healthcare space and networking IT teams can no longer afford to be the bottleneck. Whether it’s the quick on-boarding of several recently acquired clinics, or the deployment of many new connected medical devices, cloud management takes the complexity out of networking and Wi-Fi so that healthcare projects can be completed faster, with greater ease.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers simple wizards to onboard devices, enabling thousands of APs, switches or routers to be up and running in just minutes. Consistent policies can be easily implemented for all users and devices across all locations with ease. Simple network planning and mapping tools enable you to import hospital and clinic floor plans to help you easily determine the number and locations of devices for each ward or each remote office/clinic.

Increased Efficiency

Whether it’s the delivery of patient care through the adoption of new technologies or it’s the deployment and management of the network, healthcare is focused on increasing efficiency in every aspect of the organization.

ExtremeCloud IQ simplifies day to day network operations by enabling all locations to be managed as a simple extension to the main hospital through intuitive centralized management. Maintenance such as patches, updates and upgrades can be completed all at once if desired, rather than location by location. Troubleshooting is much more efficient with machine learning capabilities that process and rapidly analyze vast amounts of data, so it is easy to pin point the root cause of any issues and even identify potential issues before they become service impacting.

Superior Quality of Experience

A heightened patient and staff quality of experience is major focus of healthcare organizations. With the network deemed as critical as hospital utilities such as power and water, ExtremeCloud IQ provides healthcare IT professionals with the critical insights they need to identify problems, resolve network errors, and optimize performance before they affect patients and staff. Machine-learning calibrated client health data and network health data are provided, providing administrators with a wealth of information in a simple and informative way. Additional features such as dynamic RF Monitoring and programmable radios help to ensure optimal performance of the Wi-Fi network.