Cloud-Enabled IT Efficiency for Retail

Retailers who wish to transform their business to achieve greater operational efficiencies and deliver better shopping experiences need transformative technologies. The fastest and best way to transform, remain competitive, and innovative is through the cloud.

With our cloud-based networking architecture, retail businesses have a flexible and scalable solution that meets their specific operational and customer-facing needs in today’s dynamic landscape, accelerating digital transformation and creating opportunities for innovation.

Cloud-based networking technologies fit the unique challenges of retail businesses with a flexible, agile, secure, technologically advanced solution


Extreme enables mobility in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, with a unique distributed control Wi-Fi and wired solution, combined with a cloud platform that makes it easier to manage your network.

  • High-speed, resilient network access for staff, customers, and PoS devices
  • Retail focused branch routers integrate Wi-Fi, wired, firewall, and VPN services into a single solution
  • Cloud-based management and services reduce upfront costs, automate deployments and centralizes support to ease IT burden and operational expenditure

With so many devices in retail environments, it is imperative that the network provides resilience and can easily grow as capacity needs change. Extreme’s unique architecture ensures that the network you have today keeps running and has the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s plans.

  • Cloud provider agnostic: compatible with Google, Microsoft, and other software providers
  • Speed and continuous delivery of Implement and enforce new features in days—not weeks or months
  • Increase flexibility with mix and match hardware platforms, seamless upgrade paths, and a platform that can scale from a single access point to tens of thousands with the same architecture
  • Reduce costs with centralized management and services, automated deployments, and lowered IT support and operational expenditure

To protect retailers’ investments, Extreme solutions provide secure network access for both internal and customer devices.

  • Role-based security policies determine what a user, device or application is permitted to do on the network— through VLAN assignment, Layer 7 firewall policies, time of day or location restrictions, and bandwidth limitations
  • PCI compliant solution with full version 3.2 DSS automated reporting
  • 24x7X365 Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS) for attack detection and automatic rogue AP mitigation

Intelligent cloud networking is made even smarter with native machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to simplify and secure the access network. ML and AI tools enable users to view key performance indicators of a network, and if need be quickly identify, locate, and comparatively assess the context of an issue.

  • Machine Learning and AI means networks are increasingly more intelligent, even as capacity needs and density increases
  • Track network health and performance to view key performance indicators that can be adjusted for day, week, and month
  • Collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of client experience data and distill the data to consumable and actionable insights with