Honeywell Printer Trade In Campaign

Honeywell Printers and Supplies

What is it?

Product promotion

Honeywell is helping customers refresh their Thermal Printer portfolio by providing up to 450 euro additional discount for each new printer brought.

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  • The Trade In Campaign is applicable for:
    • Old Printers being traded in: any printer model from Honeywell and other Vendors.
    • New Printers being traded up: PC42, PC43, PD43, PD45, PM42, PM43, PM45, PXie, PX940 and MP Series
  • Contact us and we will guide you trough the Trade In Campaign and provide you the best Prices for your New Printers.
  • The Print Trade in Campaign has 2 Layers:
    • Layer 1: Refresh up to (and including) 10 Printers to get additional discount of up to 450 € per Printer (depending on the Product Line).
    • Layer 2: Refresh more than 10 Printers send the Serial Numbers of the Old Printers to us and get 5% Additional Discount on top of Layer 1.
    • The requests for more than 10 Printers for which the SNs of the Old Printers will not be provided, will still qualify for Layer 1.

For more details, please refer to the enclosed file or contact your local IM Representative.