Zebra TC73 and TC78 discount on demo units AND accessories now!

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What is it?

Demo Promo

Get your discount on all Zebra TC73 and TC78 demo units AND accessories now* and step into a new world of mobility!

The TC73 and TC78 mobile computers are a new generation of mobile solutions. The rugged,
thinner and lighter TC73/78 support streaming video, video calls, intuitive multimedia-rich apps,
augmented reality apps that enable new, more effective workflows - and they offer more processing
power for simultaneous app support.

For more details about the Zebra demo promotion or if you need help with claiming your special discount, please contact your local Ingram Micro team

*Only available for registered Zebra Partner Connect members during the demo promotion period. Partners can claim their discount by creating a demo voucher through the Zebra demo and promotions portal and placing their orders at Ingram Micro. Demo promotions can’t be combined with other promotions or programs.