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The Ingram Micro team has many years of in-depth experience, both in delivering trainings and working in the automatic identification, data capture, enterprise mobility, printing, point-of-sale, RFID, wireless networks, IoT, cloud, ...

Does your team have the right skills to deliver the right technology solutions?

Your experience and knowledge gives your customers the peace of mind that you are a trusted advisor. Whether you are new in the industry or a seasoned veteran, refreshing your knowledge and skilling up to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, innovations and applications is key in today’s ever faster changing IT industry. With the acceleration in our core verticals like warehousing, retail and healthcare with the introduction of automation, robotics, IoT, blockchain, … we can help you and your teams stay ahead of your competition.

Update your knowledge at the DC/POS Academy from Ingram Micro and showcase your knowledge and expertise to your customer. We are organizing trainings in multiple formats and delivering it the best way possible from virtual online trainings to classroom trainings at one of our many European facilities or even off site at a place of your choice.

Our training portfolio covers a wide range of trainings suitable for new hires all the way through to seasoned industry professionals. We always renewing our content and training materials to keep you up-to-date on the latest and newest changes in our industry.

We look forward working with you setting the best training plan that will benefit your business needs and those of your customers. You can rely on our expertise and network including the Ingram Micro DC/POS sales offices throughout Europe, to deliver you with training customized for your market and region. To do so, we are working with both our own certified training experts as well as with external trainers bringing additional value and expertise to your teams.

If you are new in the Data Capture and Point-of-Sale business, you will get great value for the Ingram Micro new hire trainings. Our experts have years of in-depth knowledge to help kickstart your career in DC/POS. Our team can deliver both sales and technical new hire trainings which is industry specific and focused on your job requirements. Understanding the value and benefits of data capturing and asset training is key. Get familiar with barcode scanning, mobile computing, vehicle mounted-computers, tablets, RFID and printing technologies. Take a view into operating systems, software applications and solutions. Get a look under the hood of a checkout and payment systems including displays and interactive touchscreens.

Do you want to become the printer expert? Then sign up for one of our printer trainings to understand the barcode, receipt, label, tags, wristband and card printer technologies and solutions. This includes the different printer types like direct thermal and thermal transfer, printer architecture, printer languages, printer applications and tools.

Learn how to keep printers running including picking the right printer supplies, maintenance and service the printers. Last but not least, recognize the wide range of applications and solutions within our different markets.

A significant part of the DC/POS business is build around capturing data and processing it instantly from a mobile device both inside as well as outside the four walls. With Enterprise Mobile Computers, you not only get the hardware including a build-in barcode scanner, but also need to understand the operating system, the different software applications, accessories, … to build a complete solution.

Our EMC training covers all of these and much more. With the introduction of Google’s Android for Enterprise Operating System which is now the leading core OS for Mobile Computers, it has become even more critical to stay up-to-date on the latest Android updates, Google applications and solutions for Enterprise customers.

Choice from our basic, advanced and expert EMC training and learn the different applications, operating systems, wireless technologies, configuration, the most common used software tools, setup and management of mobile computers and architecture.

Did you know that most of todays devices are connected? Whether it is through a physical connection like a cable or more likely via Bluetooth, Wireless Lan or Cloud, having a basic understanding of connectivity is key for your success being able to deliver a complete solution.

Get a basic knowledge and understanding about the networking technology with at its core wireless Lan. Understand the different technologies like DHCP, DNS, NAC, VPC, switch, router, wireless access point and controllers including Wifi6.

The last piece of the puzzle is network access and security which is critical in your customers workplace with BYOD and WFH/WHA. Become aware of the current cybersecurity and network access solutions and applications which is applicable in almost every type of business and market.

Our team can build a customized training offering fitting your business needs. From basic, advanced to expert on a wide variety of technologies and topics. We take care of the full training and education experience tailoring it for your specific needs so you can keep focusing on your core business.

Just ask your Ingram Micro specialist to connect you with one of our DC/POS Academy experts and tell us which area’s and technologies you want to become an expert in.

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