The largest distributor of data capture and POS

The largest distributor of data capture and POS

With the help of barcodes, we capture millions of data every day and quickly and easily convert them into a meaningful and useful whole for further processing. We can say that barcodes make everyday life easier for millions of people around the world. We use it in retail, storage, transport, production, hospitality, healthcare, public institutions and many other areas. The technological equipment and solutions used for this purpose are divided into two major groups. The first includes equipment for data capture, and the second includes equipment for the point of sale, for which the recognizable abbrevia-tion POS is used.

The largest distributor of this equipment and solutions is the company Ingram Micro, which established a specialized DC/POS department in 1989, that is, at the very beginning of business in the USA.

We talked about their supply and market position with Jonathan Cohen, who is the managing director of Ingram Micro Israel and head of the DC/POS line of business for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, and Neva Zajc Tadina, who heads the Ingram Micro’s DC/POS line of business for the Adriatic region.


What role does the DC/POS vertical play within Ingram Micro?

Jonathan Cohen: DC/POS is a complementary solution to all other departments at Ingram Micro. In the EMEA region, the DC/POS vertical represents 15% of the total sales portfolio. We can proudly say that a really large share of equipment for DC/POS solutions is distributed through us. We employ more than 220 professionals who help partners in more than 40 countries. We have more than 10 million products in stock in more than 16 warehouses, which we can send to our partners at any time from the nearest warehouse. Our experts are trained and certified by equipment manufacturers and can support any business, from large too small.


How comprehensive is your offer in the DC/POS segment?

Jonathan Cohen: We offer our partners hardware, software solutions and services from more than 40 of the best providers in the world. The range of products can be divided into five major segments. In the field of data capture solutions, we offer various scanners, readers and terminals for reading and processing barcodes and RFID. In the segment of asset tracking solutions, we offer various types of printers and other solutions for printing on different media. In the segment of POS solutions, we offer various screens, drawers for cash, digital advertising and other solutions. The fourth area are network solutions, and the fifth are software solutions for management, productivity, visibility, development, connectivity, cloud, security, remote access and smart applications.


What is your position in the Adriatic region?

Neva Zajc Tadina: In the Adriatic region, the DC/POS line of business is especially well developed. We have over 70% market share. This is mainly due to the very good relations we have with partners and suppliers. Our partner ecosystem consists of both large and SMB companies, which we supply with solutions from a large number of different suppliers that are compatible with each other. We are the only distributor that attaches great importance to strengthening ties between suppliers and partners. Partners appreciate our knowledge, pre- and postsales support, excellent technical support, well-branched regional network and fast delivery. They are also enthusiastic about our demo room, where they can try different solutions.


What are your plans in the Adriatic region?

Neva Zajc Tadina: Above all, we want to consolidate ourselves even more as a value-added distributor. This means that we are not just a seller of products, but we offer our partners technical support, various credit and financial services, logistics and fulfillment services, education, training and certification, IT asset management services and marketing services. We also offer our partners a set of tools for e-business and the Android Zero Touch service, which enables the simple introduction of Android devices into the business of end customers. Partners also appreciate the possibility to rent equipment for a certain period of time, test it and, based on this, choose the best solution for their customers.


What role do DC/POS devices play in an era of increasingly rapid digitization?

Jonathan Cohen: An important role. In the era of rapid digitization, companies must quickly adapt to changes in the market. With quality equipment that allows processes to run quickly and smoothly, such adjustments can be significantly faster, cheaper and more successful.