8 - The Benefits of Wearable Tech in Distribution Centers

May 26, 2023

Where do you think a distribution center employee would prefer to work? The warehouse that hands them a pen and paper to get the job done, or the one with high-quality wearable tech and accessible onboarding?

Gen Z and Millennials are making their choice, and it’s not a surprise which way they gravitate.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Kelley Wood, senior global customer marketing manager at Honeywell, about:

  • The range of wearable tech in distribution centers
  • Chief use cases of wearable tech today
  • Why training and onboarding for employees is critical

7 - Zebra Workforce Connect Voice

December 19, 2022


Eliminate desk phone dependency and deliver the right voice features to the enterprise mobile devices from Zebra that workers are using to access line-of-business applications with Workforce Connect.

Workers become more connected instead of being tied to their desks for voice calls. And by adding a Bluetooth headset from BlueParrott/GNAudio, workers can continue working without any disruptions. Result? You can deliver a customized user experience that makes accessing voice and data easier than ever before through a single device.

Max Pollington speaks with Amelia Carta - Regional Product Manager EMEA Software Solutions at Zebra technology and Daniel McDonnell - Senior Sales manager EMEA at Jabra.

6 - How Honeywell and Ingram Micro are reducing the impact of supply chain challenges

December 16, 2022


Supply chain challenges are expected to persist for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, how are Honeywell and Ingram Micro working together to minimize the impact and create selling opportunities for partners?.

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jeff Yelton, vice president of technology solutions and specialty technologies at Ingram Micro, and Andrew D’Amelio, vice president and general manager, U.S. and Canada, at Honeywell, about:

- How the supply chain is causing headaches for partners

- How Ingram Micro and Honeywell are reducing impacts

- Advice for dealing with shipping delays

- Opportunities that exist within the channel

5 - The Evolution Of Gaming And Sports Betting

December 16, 2022


What do touchscreen devices have to do with sports betting? The answer comes down to the constant pursuit of integrated betting experiences and the role of interactivity in making those goals a reality.

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Brian Atwood, senior director of North American Sales at Elo Touch Solutions, about: 

- Uses for Elo products

- How COVID changed sports betting

- Sports betting as an integrated experience 

4 - The benefits of contactless payment and device innovation

December 16, 2022


Through the surge of contactless payment during the COVID-19 pandemic, associates experienced a new way to accelerate the point of sale without sacrificing engagement and service quality. Contactless payment isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Now the question is: how can tech companies deliver that solution at a mass scale while meeting customers where they’re at? The answer lies in innovation. 

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Andrew Kim , director - Product Management at Zebra Technologies , about: 

- The benefits of contactless payment

- Maintaining high-quality service

- Meeting customer expectations 

3 - The customer journey with Zebra Professional Services

July 05, 2022


Professional services are more than tech integration and analytics; they’re about the people and the desired outcomes of those needing solutions.

With increasing technological avenues and countless options, people require a well-practiced eye to develop effective, relevant workflows that bring value instead of confusion.

Max Pollington speaks with John Moule , Global Core Professional Services Portfolio Manager at Zebra Technologies, about:

- Key elements of professional services 

- Managing the complexities of solution integration

- Critical stages of the customer journey  

2 - Cloud solutions for point of sale

May 12, 2022

Point of sale (POS) devices are moving to the cloud.
Are you looking for a solution that makes it easier to offer incredible POS experiences for the modern cloud-based retail and restaurant world we live in today?

Shelby Skrhak talks with Brianna Moriarty, Partner Development Manager at Star Micronics, about:

  • The evolution of the Star Micronics product portfolio
  • The emergence of mobile point of sale (POS) 
  • CloudPRNT

Contact your dedicated account manager for more information. 

1 - The benefits of Zebra Services

May 05, 2022

Your enterprise-grade devices require enterprise-level maintenance. With Zebra’s industry-leading suite of professional services, you’ll get the most out of your devices.

Host Max Pollington chats with Matt Rance, Regional Portfolio Manager - EMEA at Zebra Technologies, about:

  • Zebra OneCare Maintenance Plans
  • Enhancements for maintenance plans
  • VisibilityIQ  

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