3 - The customer journey with Zebra Professional Services

July 05, 2022


Professional services are more than tech integration and analytics; they’re about the people and the desired outcomes of those needing solutions.

With increasing technological avenues and countless options, people require a well-practiced eye to develop effective, relevant workflows that bring value instead of confusion.

Max Pollington speaks with John Moule , Global Core Professional Services Portfolio Manager at Zebra Technologies, about:

- Key elements of professional services 

- Managing the complexities of solution integration

- Critical stages of the customer journey  

2 - Cloud solutions for point of sale

May 12, 2022

Point of sale (POS) devices are moving to the cloud.
Are you looking for a solution that makes it easier to offer incredible POS experiences for the modern cloud-based retail and restaurant world we live in today?

Shelby Skrhak talks with Brianna Moriarty, Partner Development Manager at Star Micronics, about:

  • The evolution of the Star Micronics product portfolio
  • The emergence of mobile point of sale (POS) 
  • CloudPRNT

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1 - The benefits of Zebra Services

May 05, 2022

Your enterprise-grade devices require enterprise-level maintenance. With Zebra’s industry-leading suite of professional services, you’ll get the most out of your devices.

Host Max Pollington chats with Matt Rance, Regional Portfolio Manager - EMEA at Zebra Technologies, about:

  • Zebra OneCare Maintenance Plans
  • Enhancements for maintenance plans
  • VisibilityIQ  

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