ET4X – Lightning fast and ultra-light

The newest member that joined the Force X team is ET4X. Lightning fast and ultra-light, it arrived swiftly to help its team members with its special powers. Now the team is completed with this new addition, ready to join the fight.

The ET4X is a tablet ready to compete in enterprise rugged environments. It has the speed and light consumer style combined with enterprise tools ready for business.

What are his strengths and powers?
  • Strong: ready for business with IP65 sealing
  • Speed: latest super-fast connectivity
  • Light: thin and light consumer styling
  • Smart: integrated world class scanning
  • Versatile: adapt to multiple environments
    • POS: mobile, hybrid and payments
    • Workstation: cradle
How does it protect itself?

Using Mobility DNA at its core, it has access to a set of powerful tools to outmatch any of its competitors. It allows him to easily manage businesses in a secure way protecting the data and investments of businesses.

How does stay connected?

Using the powerful voice solution, it can communicate using WorkForce Connect turning the ET4X into a two-way walkie talkie. This allows the ET4X to constantly stay connected and in touch with its team exchanging critical information.

How does it charge its Xnergy?

Professional Flexible Services: using the Ingram Micro Professional and Flexible services the ET4X can be delivered lightening fast to any location pre-configured and pre-installed with the right operating system version, software applications, sim-card already inserted, kitted with all the necessary accessories ready to blast away.