ET5X – Super strong and tough

One of the first members of the Force X team was the ET5X. Super strong and tough, yet surprisingly light and stylish, it is a team members you can rely on. With its special powers, it can handle most job and isn’t afraid of a challenge as it has proven many years already.

The ET5X combines form with functional, a rugged tablet that is strong, yet light and styling offering all the business-class features enterprises need to boost their workforce productivity.

What are his strengths and powers?
  • Strong: built for all day, every day business use
  • Speed: fastest wireless connectivity
  • Light: surprisingly lightweight
  • Smart: advanced data capture options
  • Versatile: complete accessory range
    • Indoor: retail, warehouse, manufacturing
    • Outdoor: transport, field services and sales
How does it protect itself?

Using its broad ecosystem of accessories, the ET5X can upgrade itself making it even stronger and tougher with a rugged frame, powerpack battery and expansion back. Or transform itself into a powerful machine to be used in a vehicle with the special equipment from Gamber Johnson.

How does stay connected?

Using it’s superior communications powers, it can transmit quickly and reliably with advanced WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and 4G LTE. With all these connectivity options, the ET5X stays easily connected from anywhere.

How does it charge its Xnergy?

Warehouse Services: using the Ingram Micro Warehouse services the ET5X can be delivered lightning fast to any location pre-configured and pre-installed with the right operating system version, software applications, sim-card already inserted, kitted with all the necessary accessories ready to blast away.