ET8X – Flexible and super-fast

The member that stands out from the other members of team Force X is ET8X. This is because of its size as the largest of them all, it oversees everything with a bright eye. Nevertheless, it is light moving flexibly from one to the other business to take on any challenge out there. And because of its super-fast connectivity, it can stay in touch at all times exchanging critical information securely.

The ET8X is rugged and versatile 2-in-1 running on Windows and comes in 12inch in a sleek modern form making it the ideal companion for workers the world depends on.

What are his strengths and powers?
  • Strong: with ultimate processing power a generational leap in performance
  • Speed: super-fast connectivity with both cellular and wireless
  • Large: largest form but thinner and lighter than the competition
  • Smart: highest resolution and integrated scanning technology
  • Versatile: can transform itself flexibly from tablet to laptop and back
How does it protect itself?

ET8X makes sure it is always running on the latest OS version at full potential and fully secured so it can safely capture, store and share data. This is in the DNA of the ET8X.

How does stay connected?

Using productivity and collaboration tools such as PowerPrecision+, you are ensured that the ET8X will be powered all day long allowing workers to stay connected using its super-fast connectivity options without any delay.

How does it charge its Xnergy?

Flexible Financing Solutions: using the Flexible Financing Solutions from Ingram Micro, you can help customers get access to the power of the ET8X whenever financing is stopping them to invest. The team of financing experts can create custom, highly effective deal structures to help protect your financial objectives.