In today's dynamic market, an efficient, easy-to-use and manage point-of-sale system is business critical to any businesses’ success. Whether it's a cozy coffee shop seeking a cost-efficient solution or an elegant boutique store desiring a comprehensive system that fits into their interior, the POS solutions from our leading POS vendors bring the best out of each business. Starting from entry level base POS setups to advanced POS systems, we have a POS solution for every customer and every location because POS is everywhere and is for everyone.

We put together a selection of our top selling POS vendors’ hardware to pick from. You can order these out of the box straight from stock if they fit perfectly your customers’ needs. Or you can also pick and chose combining them to create your ideal POS solution.

What sets us apart and how do we help you and your customers? Simple, we have a seasoned team of dedicated POS experts that will support you in building the best POS solutions. Get in touch with our team of sales and technical experts who can get you solutions at the right price and secure the required products at the right time for you to deliver and deploy.

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Ergonomic Solutions


The Datalogic QuickScan 2200 series is a reliable and incredibly affordable 1D corded barcode  scanners with a precise and intuitive laser-like aiming system, designed to be lightweight, well-balanced and rugged with a long-life trigger.

The Epson TM-T20III Series is an entry-level and easy-to-use thermal POS receipt printer providing a cost-effective POS solution combining its fast print speeds, high reliability and economical operation making this printer a must-have for retail and hospitality businesses.

The Elo 02-Series of Touchscreen Monitors are designed with seamless style across all sizes and include brilliant displays from 19 to 27-inches including a 19-inch square aspect ratio display and 22, 24 and 27-inch wide aspect ratio displays.

The SpacePole Arc is one of the most popular POS mounting systems from Ergonomic Solutions, designed to perfectly fit the aesthetics of the hardware at the POS following the design trends of today's modern and slim POS solutions.

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The Datalogic QuickScan QD2400 imager featuring a new illumination and aiming system offers outstanding omnidirectional reading performance on virtually all codes at an affordable price with and elegant, lightweight design without losing out on durability.

The Epson TM-m30III is a fast, compact and versatile mobile POS receipt printer offering a range of excellent features including enhanced connectivity and reliability in a stylish and ultra-compact design for quick, simple and reliable receipt printing.

The Elo I-Series 10-inch Android all-in-one is part of the modular designed I-Series that can be easily configured to fit nearly any use to create a seamless experience for customers, which is why it's one of Elo's most popular product lines ever used across the globe.

Ergonomic Solutions SpacePole Arc - the optimum screen height can be set on installation and the screen mount provides all the screen rotation and tilt necessary in terms of providing an ergonomic workstation that aids operator productivity supporting screens up to 12 kg.

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The Datalogic Gryphon 4500 series is the premium range of powerful and beautifully designed imagers with rich feature set and high-performance megapixel sensor providing ultimate reading performance on any code type, guaranteeing a perfect aim with every scan.

The Epson TM-T88VII is a high-performance, high-speed, highly reliable and eco-conscious receipt printer with a compact design to easily integrate and connect making it an ideal printer in high demanding where speed is of an essence.

The EloPOS System combines modern aesthetics, modular flexibility, and commercial-grade reliability to deliver a purpose-built for point of sale offering a 15.6-inch touchscreen display and integrated expansion hub to connect any peripherals needed.

Ergonomic Solutions SpacePole POS mounting solutions are a tried and tested range of POS mounts that has been developed for a wide variety of settings offering a diverse and comprehensive range of features required for any type of application.

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