ADS-TEC presents Android vehicle terminal

ADS-TEC presents Android vehicle terminal

ADS-TEC Industrial IT GmbH presents an update to their vehicle terminals, the VMT9000 series. The terminals are now also available with the Android operating system, achieved through collaboration with emteria GmbH.

The emteria.OS Solution

Emteria has tailored its Android-based operating system, emteria.OS, to seamlessly integrate with the VMT9000 hardware. Developed in Germany, emteria.OS prioritizes high data privacy and security, ensuring that no data transmission occurs with Google.

Key Features of emteria.OS in Combination with the VMT9000 Emteria.OS boasts a robust security update system, spanning an impressive 3 to 5 years. The system is continuously updated to address potential security vulnerabilities. Upgrading to newer operating system versions occurs seamlessly through over-the-air (OTA) updates or USB installations. Currently, the VMT9000 can be ordered with Android 13, but updates to Android 14 and 15 are already planned. This ensures that the VMT9000 receives security updates for a minimum of 7 years.

In terms of industrial applications, emteria.OS includes an integrated kiosk mode, allowing users to restrict the functionality of the VMT9000 to a single app or a selection of apps. Additionally, the system supports both DHCP and the allocation of fixed IP addresses. Another notable feature is the ability to establish your own app store through F-Droid and manage app selections.

VMT9000 Series: Reliable and Durable in the Harshest Environments

The VMT9000 vehicle terminals are designed for use in the harshest environments in logistics, warehouses, and on agricultural and construction machinery. Due to the wide input voltage range of 12 - 48 VDC, vehicles with different power supplies can be used without the need for a separate power supply or voltage converter. The display is available as a resistive industrial touchscreen or a capacitive multi-touchscreen. The sunlight-readable display allows for effortless readability even in direct sunlight.

Summary of Benefits & Features:

  • Integrated kiosk mode
  • Assignment of fixed IP addresses
  • Flexible update options, OTA or USB-based
  • Future-proof Android versions
  • Long-term security updates
  • Private app store

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