Industry Introduction

Manufacturing operations today must meet the rapidly changing demands for how industries manage and supply resources globally, in addition to supporting key deliverables like:

  • Growing and supporting the business in a competitive global marketplace
  • Optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs
  • Aligning and adapting production to support fast-changing customer expectations and demand

Extreme Networks partners with manufacturing organizations and their unique environments – including warehouses, distribution centers, and office spaces - to advance their technology and business needs.

Extreme’s cloud-driven network solutions meet manufacturing’s mission critical requirements through Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, cloud-based centralized management, analytics, fabric-based infrastructure, and security.


5 Reasons to Advance Manufacturing Operations with Extreme Networks


Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity for Harsh Environments

Robust Wi-Fi connectivity for all users, devices, applications and IoT assets - optimized for dynamic and harsh environments with constantly changing RF conditions, without a disruption or drop-in service. Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide the coverage and capacity needs to securely support new and legacy devices across all manufacturing environments. Distributed control plane in which wireless APs actively manage available bandwidth, provide seamless roaming, distribute client load, and adapt to unpredictable RF conditions.


Cloud-Based Centralized Management

End-to-end wired and wireless management from a single pane of glass enabled by robust, scalable cloud-based infrastructure. Delivers comprehensive visibility and control for all users, devices, and IoT/IIoT assets across distributed, cross-functional manufacturing sites. Ability to track movement and location of critical business assets. Seamless role-based network onboarding, authentication, and segmentation ensures appropriate network access and automates IT operations.


Analytics via AI and Machine Learning

Business and network analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning provides valuable insights across all environments and connected devices/clients/things from centralized platform. Provides superior performance, troubleshooting, and remediation for continuous service delivery and availability to prevent operational disruptions and improve efficiency. Easy to digest reporting views for both real-time and historical network usage/health. Industry leading data durability equips IT teams with unlimited data access for lifetime of subscription.


Fabric-Based Infrastructure

Scalable, resilient, flexible network infrastructure to support a converged network for production, back office, and physical security networks. Consistent and inherently secure architecture offers true isolation between different logical network environments offering protection and isolation for critical control systems. Accelerate time to service for the digital technology an organization requires, including high performance IP video for quality control - without the complexity of legacy protocols such as PIM.


End-to-End Security

Robust wired and wireless network security to keep the business’ data, employees, and connected assets protected across all supporting sites. Cloud-driven network infrastructure provides seamless authentication/onboarding for all new/legacy devices, granular configuration of identity-based network/application access, intelligent monitoring of internal/external threats, and actionable analytics driven by AI/machine learning. Backed by ISO 27001 cloud security certification.

Supporting the critical business need of manufacturing operations with high-performance, reliability, resiliency, and security while advancing forward-thinking digital transformation initiatives

Operational Demands
  • Maintain Critical Uptime
  • Increase Efficiency/Decrease Cost
  • Adapt/Scale to Evolving Demand

Device & User Demands
  • New/Legacy Device Enablement
  • Growth and Support of IoT/IIoT
  • Digital Workforce

Security & Safety Demands
  • Employee/Staff Health and Safety
  • Data Protection and Compliance
  • Dynamic/Hazardous Environments

 Networks Solutions for the Connected Warehouse