GETAC deployXpress

A cloud-based deployment, configuration, and provisioning solution that brings scalability, precision, and over-the-air convenience to Getac Android ownership.

Getac deployXpress streamlines the deployment, configuration, provisioning and updating of Getac Android devices. By dramatically reducing the time it takes to remotely deploy multiple devices, our solution gives you the freedom to perform other IT tasks. It minimizes the risk of costly security breaches and device downtime caused by configuration errors and firmware updates.

WHY GETAC deployXpress?


Time Saving

Batch configuration, cloud-based deployment, over-the-air updates, and a variety of other features help to minimize the time required to deploy your Getac Android devices.


Risk Mitigation

By minimizing repetitive configuration work and automating firmware updating, the likelihood of a costly failure, breakdown, or breaches is minimized.


Ease of Deployment

Getac deployXpress enables the adding of new devices to your deployment in seconds by simply scanning a QR code on an already-configured device.



Android Device Configuration

Easy device pre-setting in wizard-like menus.


QR Code Automated Deployment

Configure devices by a simple scan of the QR code to avoid error-prone and time-consuming manual setting procedures.


Factory Default Configuration

Customize factory default settings for easier maintenance and device handover.


Over-The-Air App Management

Remotely install and manage applications to increase IT productivity.


Flexible Firmware Updates

Maximum control over updates to keep your devices secure and efficient.


Device Grouping

View, deploy and update devices by groups, for effective device configuration management.