Star Technology

More than just a Receipt Printer!

Star’s success is built upon product innovation along with strong relationships with the market’s leading software partners, developers and system integrators. This has led to a range of Cloud, Plug-in and platform independent integration tools available free-of-charge with Star products to simplify and reduce development and integration costs.

Star SteadyLAN™

SteadyLAN™ technology makes unstable Wi-Fi connectivity a thing of the past! 

Star’s SteadyLAN patent pending technology is the first solution on the market to provide control of the POS printer and attached peripherals as well as network connection to tablets and mobile devices.

Simply by connecting a tablet to a Star mC-Print printer via the standard Lightning USB or USB-C cable and connecting the printer to the internet via a wired LAN connection, the tablet is able to connect to the internet without WiFi communication. At the same time, the tablet can communicate with the printer via USB or LAN and the printer will also charge the tablet.

For locations where WiFi connectivity is not possible or unreliable, the stability of a cabled internet connection combined with the flexibility of Tablet POS is now possible.

Star CloudPRNT

Star’s CloudPRNT technology is available across Star’s thermal receipt, ticket and label printers and matrix kitchen printers.  By offering online purchasing options, retail stores and restaurants are able to grow their business to expand to a larger market. 

Star’s CloudPRNT technology provides benefits to both restaurant and retail stores by ena-bling online orders to be sent directly to the printer from a local or remote server.   Star CloudPRNT enabled printers are therefore able to receive orders from multiple channels including POS, tablet, web and Cloud which results in an efficient ordering and transaction process for any e-commerce or omni-channel business.

Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce – In addition, Star has developed CloudPRNT to in-clude support for WooCommerce to enable automated receipt printing for customers using a WooCommerce based eCommerce website.

Star WebPRNT

With the growing requirement to print from both mobile and desktop applications to receipt print-ers,  Star’s platform-agnostic WebPRNT™ solution is designed to generate print data via a web browser to output directly to any Star printer fitted with a WebPRNT interface or using Star’s Web-PRNT Browser Software. This includes Star thermal receipt, ticket & label printers as well as SP700 matrix kitchen printer.
Star WebPRNT removes the issues usually associated with web-based printing by offering driver-less printing capabilities for all receipt data, utilising HTML and JavaScript standards to provide con-sistent browser printing. Star WebPRNT supports all standard receipt requirements including logos and barcodes.

Star PassPRNT 

Star’s PassPRNT Technology Enables Printing from an iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, Android™ or Windows™ Device and allows web developers to very simply add printing support without worry-ing about browser type and page setup, margins, headers and footers etc. Star PassPRNT effec-tively receives data from an application such as Filemaker Go or any web browser including Safari / Chrome using a URL scheme to then print on a Star Bluetooth, LAN,  WLAN or USB printer. 

Star futurePRNT

Available with Star’s best-selling TSP100 Series,  Star futurePRNT has revolutionized the simple POS Printer into a marketing and customer retention solution.  With a range of marketing and set-up tools included, customers can easily re-design their receipts, import graphics and logos and add relevant coupons according to text triggers without adapting their POS software.  

Integrators can provision multiple printers and install custom set-ups for larger and multi-stores without even taking the printer out of its box saving both time and costs.