ET51/ET56 Android and Windows enterprise tablets provide workers with the same great feel and style they love on their personal tablet, while businesses get enterprise-class durability, data capture, swappable batteries, and a wide variety of accessory choices. Despite weighing as little as 0.5kg (1.12 pounds) and being only 12.7mm (0.5") thick, these tablets are rugged enough to use in the rain and snow and can take a 1m (3.3-ft) drop or 1.7m (5.9 ft) with optional rugged frame. Bright touchscreen displays are daylight-readable, and work when the screen is wet or with gloves. Multiple charging options are available, but long battery life with the option to hot-swap a secondary battery provides for continuous, nonstop use during for long shifts. Also, capturing data is a breeze, with built-in cameras, dual mics, GPS and two different scanner options for the back of the tablets. Transmitting data is quick and easy with NFC, Bluetooth LE, MIMO Wi-Fi, and in the ET56, standard high-speed 4G LTE for clear connections nearly anywhere.

Innovative Features of the ET51/ET56 Android and Windows Enterprise Tablets
  • Small but tough
  • Crystal clear display
  • Versatile data capture
  • Heat and cold proof
  • Superior communications
  • Long-shift power
  • ET51 Tablet with Integrated Scanner