PowerScan™ 9600 Series

The new PowerScan 9600 is available with three different optics to fulfill different needs. The Standard Range optic is ideal for most of the applications requiring standard barcode reading at intuitive distances. The High-Performance optic adds the capability to decode high density codes together with an increased depth of field on standard 1D/2D codes. The Document Capture model targets document capture applications through a color sensor for image capture and wide angle reading to scan large codes.


  • Cordless scanners have a much greater advantage in terms of portability when compared to corded scanners. The operator is not bound by the length of the attached cord and has much more flexibility. On the contrary, corded devices are not prone to significant interference.
  • Datalogic’s cordless scanners offer the stability of communication as a wired scanner with the benefits of a cordless device.
  • The bidirectional communication will allow the system to send any command to the operator that will have immediate feedback directly on the display about the item just scanned, such as additional information or instructions, guaranteeing no mistakes and saving time.
  • Reliable IT equipment improves a business’s daily operations and productivity.
  • Wireless charging eliminates device failures rooted in charging contacts that get dirty, corrode or break. No need to train operators for contacts cleaning. No maintenance.
  • High quality trigger guarantees a full life-cycle resistance of the most stressed part during intense scanning operations.