Gryphon 4200 Series


The new Datalogic’s Gryphon 4200 Series offers a wide range of premium level 1D corded and cordless hand held readers for general purpose applications.

These new scanners can read from near to far, both high-density and low resolution codes, decode hard-to-read, poor or damaged codes and easily read bar codes from mobile devices.

Ideal for hand held reading, they utilizes Datalogic’s Motionix™ motion-sensing technology which detects the natural actions of the operator to automatically switch the scanner into the ‘ready-to-read’ scanning mode.

Datalogic distinctive ‘soft line viewfinder’ helps operator to easily target the code to be read, making easier and faster to point, shoot and decode exactly the proper label, reducing accidental reads in a multiple bar code situation.

Featuring Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology (GBT models) or narrow band radio communications with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ (GM models), the Gryphon 4200 wireless readers provide maximum flexibility to solve any application with the best technical solution.

The new Gryphon 4200 Series scanners have 'disinfectant ready' enclosures and can be cleaned also with the harsh chemical agents typically used in the hospitals.


  • Enhanced linear imaging technology for Superior scanning and Depth of Field
  • Datalogic distinctive ‘soft line viewfinder’ to easily target the code to be read
  • State-of-the-art USB type C connectivity
  • Choice of Bluetooth wireless technology version 4.0 with BLE or Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System
  • Wireless battery charging system
  • WLC4190 sleek desk/wall cradle (compatible with Gryphon 4500 series)
  • Disinfectant Ready enclosures resistant to harsh chemical cleaning