The CW45 wearable computer is a rugged performance tool that improves productivity by ergonomically presenting the workflow information at the point of activity and integrating the tools needed to perform the job at hand. Ultra-reliable performance, data connectivity, and communications for frontline mobile workers in warehouse/DC, retail, logistics, and manufacturing is always where it is needed, when it is needed.

Designed from the ground up for comfort, ease of use, and reliability, the CW45 offers a low profile, large 4.7 inch HD display, enterprise-level ruggedness, and comfortable, easy-to-wear accessories. The CW45 is designed for businesses that invest in sophisticated solutions and want a durable, stable, secure platform on which to implement them. Built on the newest generation of Honeywell's Mobility Edge™ platform, the CW45 delivers the lifecycle, security, and durability to optimize solution return on investment in the long term.


1. The Mobility Edge platform allows companies to test and validate applications once, accelerate deployments across the enterprise, optimize device performance, simplify maintenance, and extend product lifecycle.

2. Designed expressly for wearable utility and premium comfort, the CW45 offers a low center of gravity, compact size, large HD display, the ability to warm-swap the battery without removing the device, and easy-to-use, durable wearable accessories that ensure the device comfortably stays in place for optimum hands-free operation.

3.  Embedded with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, the CW45 increases data throughput, and provides a better experience on voice or video communications even in a highly dense connected environment.