More Data Capture Options, More Versatility, More Range

Whether workers need to scan barcodes at checkout, at the patient bedside or on the electronics manufacturing production line, there's a DS4600 Series scanner that is right for the job. This feature-rich family scans items of all sizes, reads barcodes in nearly any condition, and offers the widest working range in its class—enabling workers to do more with a single device.

With multiple models, customers get the right set of features and purpose-built innovation for their business. The DS4600 Series for retail offers snappy general purpose scanning, scanning barcodes up to 28 inches away. The DS4600 Series for healthcare is disinfectant-ready and optimized to read challenging barcodes found in hospitals. The DS4600 Series for electronics manufacturing offers superior performance on high density codes and marks.

  • DS4600 Series for Retail 
    The versatile scanner that does more for the store
  • DS4600 Series for Healthcare
    Deploy one scanner throughout the whole hospital
  • DS4600 Series for Electronics Manufacturing
    Purpose-built innovation for the electronics and light manufacturing production line