You’re considering purchasing tablets for your business because the cost is right - and while the feature set may not be ideal, it seems good enough. But there are hidden costs - such as a case to increase durability or a scanner for tasks that require heavy barcode scanning.

Without the right durability, you’ll need to replace tablets more frequently - and short product lifecycles create a mixed model deployment that is more complex and time-consuming to support. Introducing the ET40 and ET45, the right-priced enterprise tablets that are built for business. Start with the best screen size for the job - the easy-to-carry 8-inch or the 10-inch for easy viewing of information rich apps - and every model provides everything you need, right out of the box. Thin and light consumer styling that is business tough. Integrated enterprise-class scanning. The fastest wireless connections. A multi-year lifecycle. Powerful new communication options.

New solutions that add new capabilities, allowing you to turn these tablets into a POS, a workstation, a two-way radio and a PBX handset. Improve every aspect of tablet lifecycles at no cost with complementary Zebra-only Mobility DNA Professional tools. Take worker productivity to the next level with the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise toolkit by making data capture easier than ever. And more.

The ET40/ET45 Enterprise Tablets - everything you need to do business right, at the right price.