The ET80 and ET85 are true laptop replacements, with a level of flexibility no laptop can provide. Go from tablet to laptop and back in seconds by simply attaching and detaching the rugged keyboard. Use it as a standalone tablet for maximum mobility. Need to enter a lot of data? Just attach the keyboard with its friction hinge, allowing the screen to be placed at most any angle - instead of a limited number of pre-set angles. And with the universal dock, the tablet transforms into a desktop in the office or a mobile workstation in a police car, truck, forklift and more.

These rugged 2-in-1 tablets set the bar when it comes to portability - they are greater than 35% thinner and 20% lighter than major 2-in-1 competitors with the same screen size. When the tablet is placed in a vehicle dock, the low profile provides drivers with maximum visibility for improved safety, as well as easy access to information-rich screens.

The large 12 in. screen and its 3:2 ‘all business’ aspect ratio provides more real estate to display more information, improving productivity and ease of use. The screen is easy to view indoors and outside, even in bright sunlight. The touchscreen works when wet and with gloves.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, the ET80 and ET85 have it all - all the latest wireless technologies. You get the fastest WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth speeds with support for WiFi 6E2, 4G/5G and Bluetooth 5.1. With support for the new Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)1, companies can enable private LTE networks that provide cost-effective wireless connectivity in the largest facilities - indoors and outside. Public safety network certification provides first responders with a connection they can count on. Workers can always find the best path to the next location with robust optional GPS. And workers get consistently superior wireless services even in vehicles with the WiFi, cellular and GPS antenna passthroughs.