Honeywell Quick Demo Program 2024

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What is it?

Product promotion

Take advantage of Honeywell Quick Demo Promotion with special offer for NPI Printers, Mobile Computers and Scanners. Now is available on purchases of the qualifying products in the promotion, which are sold between January 1 and December 31, 2024. The Quick Demo process is available to all Resellers and Distributors registered in Europe and authorized to sell Honeywell products in Europe.
It is valid for one unit per product family for 3 months for each Reseller, along with one corresponding accessory.
Resellers can purchase at 70% discount (52% Discount for RT10 hardware) from Authorized Honeywell Distributors and the Demo Discount will be provided at the point of purchase.

Terms and Conditions
  • In the first months from the NPI launch date, the Distributors can sell to Resellers Demo units at 70% discount (52% Discount for RT10 hardware), without submitting a Demo Product Request.
  • The Distributors will be provided with a specific code, unique to each product family,
  • Honeywell will reach out to the non-PPP resellers, will register them in the Program and provide you with all the details.

For more details regarding the products, please refer to the enclosed file or contact your local Representative.