Zebra Thermal Printer Trade Up Promotion

Zebra Technologies Printers and Supplies

What is it?

Special Price

The Printer Trade-up Program, will run through 2024, provides eligible Resellers special discountswhen customers trade in their old thermal printers from any manufacturer and trade up to new, state-of-the-art Zebra industrial, mobile, desktop or card printers.

To participate in the program, start by doing the following:

  • Review the Printer Trade-up Program guides for compelling sales arguments
  • Work with your customers to identify older thermal printers that should be replaced
  • Help your customers select the right Zebra printer replacements from the eligible models in the Printer Trade-up Program
  • Remind customers of the great discounts offered in the Zebra Printer Trade-up Program
  • Certify that the older printers will be taken out of use
  • Claim your upfront discount vouchers and place your orders

The Printer Trade-up Program is a win/win! Your customers trade up to printers with the latest security, functionality and performance features and you increase your printer sales and deliver great customer service. Plus, since Zebra doesn't require the older printers to be shipped back, you avoid any additionalstorage and logistics costs.


  • Card Printers:  ZC100 and ZC300 models
    Single-sided or double-sided plastic card printing; ideal for secure ID cards, gift cards, financial cards, personnel badges and more.
  • Desktop Printers: - ZD120, ZD220, ZD411, ZD510, ZD600 models, ZP Series
    Compact, simple to operate, reliable and cost effective: these desktop printers leverage Zebra's long history of innovation and industry-leading capabilities.
  • Mobile Printers: - ZQ210, ZQ310 Plus, ZQ500, ZQ600 Plus Models
    Portable barcode printing for a vast range of applications: price labelling, warehouse management and retail operations to name just a few.
  • RFID - ZD500R, ZD600R, ZT231R, ZT411R, ZT600R Models
    Designed to deliver industrial durability, superior flexibility, high print speeds, and high media roll capacity for increased productivity.
  • Tabletop - 220Xi4, ZE500, ZT231, ZT400, ZT510, ZT600 Models