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Digital signage

Today, consumers are overloaded with information in any public environment. They react with a simple defense mechanism: “ignore.” They’d rather retrieve information that provides straight answers to their questions when and where they need it. Interactive Digital Signage allows the customer to choose the relevant information they want: no more “junk information,” only pertinent messages. Interactive digital signage is anticipated to grow considerably faster than in traditional digital signage.
The attractive touch displays are a superb tool for image building, and they place advertising right where and when consumers are making purchases. Interactivity attracts customers, involves them, creates brand loyalty and generates repeat sales.
With their unique combination of features, Elo IDS displays are designed to provide consistent performance in rugged public environments. 
In retail environments: for interactive advertising and promotion; self-service and point-of-information 
In healthcare: patient communications in waiting areas; staff communications and scheduling 
In movie theatres: as “electronic movie posters” and ticket and concessions vending 
In shopping malls, airports and other public spaces: for interactive way-finding applications 
In hotel lobbies: to augment concierge services in the lobby 
In financial services: for customer assistance and queue management 
In corporate environments: as a virtual lobby assistant 
In sports: as a scoreboard; a strategy board for athletes