Whether an owner-operated neighborhood grocery store, a boutique shop or a global retail brand, Elo’s touchscreen displays and computers are perfect for point-of-sale, point-of-information, endless aisle and customer loyalty. 

As technology adoption continues to rise, retailers are being pushed to meet the demands of buyer’s expectations. Self-service kiosks give customers the power over their own experience, creating up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at every step in the journey to drive sales. From ticketing at movies, concerts, sporting events and transportation hubs to shopping, ordering and checking in, there are endless opportunities enabled through self-service.


Consumers today expect to be able to interact with technology. Whether on their personal devices, shopping in a store or trying to figure out where they are going; when they see a monitor, they expect to be able to interact with it. Digital Signage has opened many doors for marketing to consumers. From attracting and engaging to selling, digital signage can be used for anything from simply educating the consumer up to full in-store ecommerce solutions.


No longer just for SMB, enterprise customers are deploying Android based mPOS systems to have in-store POS, in-store kiosks, and consumer mobile phones on the same architecture. Commercial grade mPOS systems are perfect for remote content provisioning and device Management thru a centralized web portal. Cloud-based management can lock down the Android OS for complete data security and operating system version control.


Endless Aisle
Shelf space is always in short supply. Adding an in-store eCommerce solution can help bring your full online catalog in-store where your customer is standing, creating an omnichannel architecture. Whether mounted on a wall, shelf or pole next to products or in a fitting room during the decision process, ease of access to information helps customer satisfaction. Extending your website in-store is easy with Elo. With options from 10 to 70 inches and EloView to you lock down your website or application, we have a solution to fit your design.