Make everyday tasks easier, faster and more intuitive

To keep up with the ever-changing customer, you need to move as fast and as fluently as they do. You need to be quick on your feet and memorable. You need to deliver exceptional quality in both products and service. You need to mould to each individual – on a large scale. And you need to do so within the right time frame and budget.

The result is a constantly changing operational environment, requiring you to be flexible. More often than not, technology lays the foundation for this. That’s where we step in.

No. 4 largest brand in scanning technology

20+ International patents

500+ Intellectual Property Rights

No. 2 in EFT POS Terminals global marketshare

Our Tech

Automatic identification and data capture can help you quickly maneuver and adapt to new streams. That’s exactly what we design and build our products for. We’re here to help you optimize day-to-day tasks and get the most out of your workforce.

Our product range exists of OEM scan engines, stationary scanners handheld scanners, mobile computers, micro kiosks and tablets. All are based on our own UIMG Image technology and 2D decoder chip. In other words, we build our products from the ground up. We can create exactly what is needed for an operation and environment quickly and flexibly.

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