WT6300 Wearable Computer

The Ultimate Industrial Wearable Computer for Hands-Free Mobility

With the explosion of ecommerce, picking and sorting have become full time jobs, not only in the warehouse, but in the retail store where orders placed online need to be ready for pick up in as little as two hours. Now customers can empower their workers to keep pace with exploding ecommerce demand. Our hands-free WT6300 builds on our WT6000, offering new features that take productivity and order accuracy to the next level.

These solutions set a new standard for ease of use, comfort and value.
Start with the WT6300 ultimate Android industrial wearable computer.
Add a hands-free ring scanner of your choice: the cordless RS6000 or RS5100, or the corded RS5000 or RS4000.
Add a headset for voice apps: the cordless HS3100 Bluetooth or corded HS2100.

Innovative Features of the WT6300 Wearable Computer
  • Superior ergonomics for all-day hands-free comfort
  • Rugged industrial design for all-day use—in any environment
  • Optional keypad attachment to support key-based applications
  • Zebra's most powerful 'ultimate series' Android™ platform—for a future-proof solution
  • Backward compatibility with WT6000 accessories to protect investments and ease upgrades
  • Convenient, industry-leading image and data capture with Zebra ring scanners