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Why Blue Parrott?

Not every professional work setting requiring a headset is an open office. For those who work in industry, retail, hospitality, and the emergency services, headsets are needed for vital colleague-to-colleague conversation and collaboration – but the conditions they work in are extreme.

From very high-noise to high- (and low-) temperature environments, headsets are needed for front of house, back of house, and out in the field. In those settings, devices require attributes and functions to deal with unique work challenges, offering employees the chance to talk on the floor, in store, or with dispatch when you’re on the job and in the street.

In such environments, a headset might also need a public-friendly look and design – one that lends a professional appearance that will fit with an employee’s responsibilities and uniform. For this reason, BlueParrott took its class-leading features and engineered them into a discrete, compact mono headset that staff can wear in a variety of different styles (in-ear, behind-the-neck, and over-the-head).

Whether you wear a company cap, hard hat, or neither, there’s a wearing style that conforms to safety regulations and offers both comfort and style.

BlueParrott (previously known as VXi Corporation) has been producing industry-leading sound solutions for almost 30 years and serving the professional driving community with the highest levels of noise cancellation, comfort and durability for the last 10 years. Now BlueParrott brings this expertise to a new collection of work settings, engineering headsets with features that will enhance productivity in professional locales that require more than your standard office.