Zirkona Products

Light-weight mounting solutions for both in-vehicle and stationary environments, perfect for a variety of small devices.

Zirkona is a light-duty mounting solution for small tablets, displays, phones and more. Whether a mount is needed in a truck for a 10" tablet or on a patrol boat for a GPS/Sonar unit, Zirkona has the reliable mount for your device.  Gamber-Johnson's mounts are made from mostly anodized aluminum and stainless steel, giving the mount strength and protection from the elements - and it looks great too! 


Device Plate: Available in several mounting designs for unique device adaption, the device plate securely holds your light-weight device in place to the complete the Zirkona solution.

Joiner: Available in two styles (traditional and two-down) and three different sizes to give users increased flexibility for a variety of payloads.

Extension and Adapter (Optional Components): Extensions and adapters allow users to build the most desired solution for their needs. Available in a variety of extension lengths and configurations these pieces of the Zirkona product line are the key to customizability.

Base Plate: Wide variety of base plates gives your Zirkona solution the structural integrity it needs to withstand even the most extreme situations

Zirkona Line Card