Getac warranty packages cover all system components in line with terms and conditions covering product failures under normal and anticipated usage. Extremely cost-effective, it guarantees Getac quality repairs in the event of a product failure.



Getac understand the importance of keeping your customers operational at all times, minimising downtime. Getac have an extensive range of support services giving you control and flexibility.


To keep your devices functioning at peak performance, the Getac Self- Maintainer Program allows you to replace consumable parts in the field, reducing downtime and operational impact to your workforce during the warranty period.

  • Zero Downtime
  • Work to Your Schedule
  • Claim 2 Free Items per Device


Getac Service System (GSS)

By registering your devices on the Getac Service System (GSS), you have the ability to order replacement parts, purchase upgrades, manage your warranty and more.

Features include:

  • Warranty Check
  • Product Registration
  • Service and Repair - standard and buffer swap online claims
  • Getac System Recovery
  • Drivers and Manuals
  • Create Service Requests


Extended Warranty & Support Options

Getac fully rugged product warranty includes accidental damage, ensuring enhanced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Extended Warranty

To prolong the life of your product and increase your return on investment (ROI), Getac offers extended device warranty from 3 to 5 years and beyond.

Accidental Damage Warranty

Elevate your existing semi-rugged warranty to also include accidental damage cover, giving total protection from accidental acts and exposure to environmental conditions, ensuring no additional costs or delays.

Accessory Warranty

To ensure your accessories perform in-line with your total solution, Getac offer a range of warranty extensions to suit your business needs.

Battery Warranty

Getac understand battery performance is essential to ensure your mobile workforce remains productive. If your battery performance drops below 50% charge capacity from new, Getac will offer a replacement via the repair loop.
* Batteries must ship into the repair loop fitted within the device.

Keep Your SSD Warranty

Getac protects customer data and takes reasonable precautions to protect your data while it is in their hands. However, some customers’ devices hold sensitive data that they cannot take any risks. If you handle data of a sensitive nature, for national security or commercial reasons, Keep Your SSD Warranty is your option.

Loan Swap Services

Getac can provide a variety of next business day loan swap services for units and accessories.

  • In the unlikely event of a failure, the loan swap service ensures next working day replacement devices for your workforce.
  • Customers can choose from a hot swap service where the user receives a replacement device next working day or an advanced exchange service which includes a temporary loan device until the original device is repaired and returned.
  • All swap devices are maintained to the highest standard throughout the support period.
  • Getac’s dedicated service team proactively manage the end-to-end process, whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.