Honeywell Go

Honeywell GO! is Honeywell's Loyalty Program giving partners’ the opportunity to earn points for the sale of a range of eligible Honeywell offerings, including scanners, printers, mobile computer devices, service contracts and software. Points can be redeemed for a multitude of rewards including gift cards, luxury items and other experiences.

Honeywell GO! is built to reward channel partner for their dedication in delivering Honeywell solutions to customers as part of Honeywell's committment to help grow partners grow their business and provide customers with solutions to increase operational performance.

Earning rewards through Honeywell GO! is done through 4 easy steps:

  1. Partners sell Honeywell products
  2. Sales data will be uploaded to the rewards portal, where designated users can allocate sales to themselves and/or their colleagues
  3. Points will be awarded upon allocation, and
  4. Partners can redeem points for rewards



Sales data will be uploaded to the program web portal on a monthly basis.


Once uploaded, all users will receive an email to let them know new sales are available.


Users can navigate to the claims area where they can see a complete list of sales for their company.


Users can allocate sales either to themselves or their colleagues, and points will be awarded upon allocation.

For more information about, or to join Honeywell’s Performance Partner Program and Honeywell GO! visit