Consistent Scanning. No surprises. Just scan

How do you define a scanner's performance? By its scanning abilities. The ability to scan damaged barcodes or withstand harsh environments. Problems you don't anticipate until they happen. 

Zebra anticipates every challenge so you can scan anything, anywhere, no matter what. Powered by Zebra's proprietary DataCapture DNA, everything arrives prepared for duty-ready to deploy, easy to manage and made to scale.

Scan with abilities developed and refined with over 50 years of field-proven innovation--with options for every purpose and price point. You are safeguarded by a Zebra's mindset that anticipates and triumphs over every challenge. No more issues. Just consistent scans.


  • Zebra’s Ultra-Rugged Scanners Improve Productivity
  • Save time managing devices throughout the manufacturing facility with remote updates and battery health visibility
  • Prevent downtime with devices that don’t break when dropped on concrete or when exposed to extreme temperatures. Is water or dust an issue? No problem — IP65 and IP67 rated devices are up for the challenge
  • Minimize battery-related shift interruptions using on-device battery gauges and long-lasting batteries
  • DataCapture DNA — software, applications and utilities included in Zebra scanners that deliver a new level of innovation and manageability

*DataCapture DNA supported functionality may vary by scanner model

Multi-Code Data Formatting

Scan multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull

Intelligent Document Capture

Instantly capture and optimize full-size documents, while processing barcodes

Remote Management

Choose between Zebra's Scanner Management Service (SMS) - the simple alternative that lowers CO or Windows Management Instrumentation

Scanner Software Development Kits

Easily develop scanner applications with our SDKs for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS


Connect your Bluetooth scanner to a phone, tablet or PC by simply scanning a STC barcode


When it comes to capturing bar codes in rugged environments like the warehouse or manufacturing plant floor, every second counts—speed and accuracy is directly related to workforce productivity, throughput, and the quality of products and customer service. Our 3600 Ultra-Rugged Scanner Series is the industry's first ultra-rugged line of corded and cordless industrial handheld scanners that set new benchmarks for rugged design, scanning performance and manageability. The result is unstoppable performance—faster-and-farther-than-ever data capture, with unprecedented scanner uptime and a low total cost of ownership.


Zebra Scanners Provide Patient-Centered Safety Solutions

Ensure Positive Patient ID and Care – prevent errors by ensuring the right patient is given the right treatment and dose, the right way and time.

Streamline Admissions Workflows – use the same scanner to interface with another host application for two different workflows.

Improve Inventory Management – enhance chain of custody and operating room inventory processes.

Built-in lamp illuminates workspace

without using patient room lights

Disinfectant ready plastics

withstand highly aggressive disinfectants used in today's hospitals

Night mode

switches between vibrate and beeper feedback with an easy trigger pull to minimize patient disruption

White illumination LEDs and green aimer

to make scanning barcodes on color-coded specimen trays and biopsy cassettes easier

UDI Scan+

makes it easy to configure your Zebra scanners to accurately capture and parse UDI data

DataCapture DNA

includes Zebra scanner software, applications and utilities for a new level of innovation and manageability



The versatile DS4608-HC accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode type found throughout the hospital and includes innovative features that further boost workflow efficiency and the patient experience.


What Makes Zebra Stand Out In The Crowd

A feature-rich, 1D/2D scanning capable portfolio that improves scanning speed and convenience for customers, plus premium manageability tools for improved operations. Explore Zebra’s Unique DataCapture DNA features:


makes scanning configuration and deployment easy for everyone

PowerPrecision+ Batteries

preempts downtime with visibility into battery health

ScanSpeed Analytics

identifies and phases out poor performing barcodes to speed up checkout

PRZM Intelligent Imaging

ensures instantaneous capture of the most problematic barcodes

Parse GS1 barcodes with Label Parse+

to automatically identify and track products

DS9300 Series

The DS9300 Series is the little presentation scanner with big functionality. With its compact form factor and stylish aesthetics, the DS9300 Series fits anywhere — from trendy boutiques to convenience stores with limited real-estate at the checkout counter. Rapid-fire, best-in-class swipe speeds and unparalleled performance on challenging barcodes keep lines moving. And the durable design is built to handle everyday drops, bumps and spills.