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Brother was founded in Japan in 1908 and is recognised as a global technology brand with products sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. The first office was established in Europe over 50 years ago, and now there is a dedicated pan-European office operating out of the European headquarters in Manchester, UK. Brother helps SOHOs and SMBs to work faster and more flexibly than ever before, creating innovative solutions for enterprise markets.

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Discover exciting possibilities

Brother’s mobile printing solutions are about more than just printing on the go. They’re about changing the way you work for the better by seizing opportunities and streamlining your business operations. You can free your workforce to have a conversation, complete a deal or finish a task – on the spot, wherever they are.

How could Brother’s solutions revolutionise the way you work?

Massively improve professionalism and customer experience. Speed up business processes by completing documents on location – freeing up man hours in the process. Give mobile workers the freedom to work effectively anywhere and uncover new time and cost efficiencies.

The versatile line-up helps you personalize your mobility technology to suit your business needs. Brother is always striving to offer customers even more.


With business growth and success comes responsibility

Brother ensures that all activities in Europe meet EEC regulations and requirements. They meet the individual environmental requirements of every country where their operations are based or their products are distributed. Working across Europe, they also adopt the principles of the Brother Group’s Global Charter which helps them achieve their aim to be an excellent employer, partner and neighbour. The Charter, which has been translated into 27 languages, includes 3 key points in its Codes of Practice that define their approach to responsible and ethical business operations.

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