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Desktop touchmonitors

A quick and simple way to add touch capability to an existing system. Elo offers entry-level and high-end desktop touchmonitor models. Multifunction desktops offer add-on peripherals, such as magnetic stripe readers, customer displays, fingerprint readers, speaker bars, and/or barcode scanners. Some touchmonitors are designed specifically for the medical market. All models are designed for touch, with features like a stable stand that can be removed for wall-mount, menu controls that can be locked, cable management and come with worldwide agency approvals and a 3-year warranty.
Wide range of sizes from 7’’ to 24’’
Entry-level, multi-function and healthcare models
Standard and wide-screen formats
Models with seamless zero-bezel design (uninterrupted surface area)
Base can be reversed or removed for wall-mount
Multifunction units with optional peripherals
Choice of touchscreen technologies, single touch & multi-touch