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Interactive digital signage displays

Elo's Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) displays deliver a professional-grade touchscreen in a slim, integrated package.  Designed from the bottom up for retail, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial markets, the Elo IDS product line offers a high-quality, interactive canvas for attracting and engaging consumers. Elo's next-generation IDS units are thin, bright and beautiful in 10'', 15'', 22'', 32'', 42", 46'', 55" and 70" touchscreen sizes and are designed to provide consistent performance in high traffic environments.
The smaller sized I-Series family have Android or Windows computing built into the sleek housing. For the larger sized displays, optional field-installable computer modules turn the display into an all-in-one through docking integration, without the need for additional cables or mounting hardware.
10” to 70”
Optional field-installable computer modules in various Android and Windows configurations
Wall-mount, with optional stand for desktop use
Landscape or portrait orientation
Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image quality