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EloView content management software platform

The EloView interactive SaaS platform is a secure all-in-one solution for remote content deployment and device management, designed to simplify and automate the configuration and deployment of Elo interactive displays across multiple locations.  Connecting Elo’s Android-based touchscreens from 10 to 70 inches and EloView software is easy, quick to deploy and cost-efficient. With the Elo Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) displays managed by EloView, delivering mobile applications, web sites and enabling in-store ecommerce are made easy, giving the brands presence in more locations and creating a seamless digital-physical experience.
Enterprise grade stability on the Android system – including kiosk mode, APIs and over-the-air updates
Existing Android apps and responsive web sites can be remotely delivered to Android devices
Setup is seamless – Skip the cost and headaches of complicated device-by-device set up
Remotely upgrade apps and device firmware
Modular offering for integration with content management systems and mobile device management systems