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Open-frame touchmonitors

Open-frame, or chassis, touchmonitors are used for integration into a kiosk, cabinet or other enclosure. These monitors have a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by Elo specifications. Future panel improvements are therefore possible without external changes. Engineered and designed specifically to perform in some of the most demanding, high-touch environments, the Elo open-frames feature touch technology that is built-in rather than bolted-on. Enjoy unsurpassed quality and reliability in any setting.
Wide range of sizes from 10’’ to 55’’
Multiple mounting options include rear-mount, VESA mount, panel-mount, front-mount and rack-mount
Standard and wide-screen formats
Integrated precision mini-bezel with watertight 0.5mm seal
Compact and easy to integrate
Choice of touchscreen technologies, single touch & multi-touch
Thru touch capabilities (touch through glass or plexi surface)