Force X

In a world filled with challenges that seem impossible to overcome, it is easy to give up accepting defeat. When no solution seem at hand and you are at your darkest hour haunted by the feeling that you have failed, there comes that ray of sunshine to help you guide to the right path.

A seemingly ordinary person stands up picking up the responsibility to take you by the hand helping you take on these challenges and come out victoriously. Together you team up to overcome obstacles laid in front of you and find solutions together.

But then you realize that only two of you can’t beat them all and that you are not strong enough to take on each and every challenge. Having realized this, you understand that only by teaming up and work together, you can beat them all!

Meet the team of unbeatable superheroes that work together to overcome each and every business challenge. While they each have their specific strengths and powers, only by working together they can overcome any challenge finding solutions where no-one else could.

Force X is the team of unbeatable superheroes that harnessing the powers from Zebra Technologies multiplied by Ingram Micro.

What does the X stand for? The X is the special energy source that charges their powers so they never run out or falter when they are battling against the evil powers trying to take them down.

Discover the Force X team members and learn more about their special missions and strengths so you can team up to win together.

ET4X – Lightning fast and ultra-light

The newest member that joined the Force X team is ET4X. Lightning fast and ultra-light, it arrived swiftly to help its team members with its special powers. Now the team is…

ET5X – Super strong and tough

One of the first members of the Force X team was the ET5X. Super strong and tough, yet surprisingly light and stylish, it is a team members you can rely on. With its special…

ET8X – Flexible and super-fast

The ET8X is rugged and versatile 2-in-1 running on Windows and comes in 12inch in a sleek modern form making it the ideal companion for workers the world depends on.