The lines between brick and mortar and online shopping have blurred. Today's shoppers can shop anywhere, anytime and they expect a seamless experience no matter how, where or when they shop. To stay relevant, retailers need to adapt and evolve with their customers by bridging in-store and online with consistent experiences at every touchpoint.

It takes constant innovation to deliver the shopping experience that meets customer expectations. Retailers need to advance performance where every customer interaction matters—at the front line of their business.

Compete at the Edge

Retailers need to create a data powered environment in real-time. They require access to customer information at their side and use it to differentiate their business. You can help your retail customers know every aspect of their assets. Better data means better understanding for better decisions. Take advantage of Zebra's end-to-end retail technology solutions to create "wow" moments for retailers and their customers.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Our purpose-driven designs put performance in store associates' hands, enabling them to create customer loyalty through better interactions. From product lookup to inventory management, order fulfillment to point of sale (POS) and more, connect retailers to the data they need to work better, smarter, faster—at the customer's side.

Strengthen Operations

Greater insights mean better action and stronger results. Connect information throughout your customer's operation and analyze and act on the data. With our customizable applications and development tools, you can create end-to-end solutions specific to your retail customer's business—making operations more efficient, workers more effective and shoppers more loyal. It's your retail edge.

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