The Genetic Code that differentiates Zebra Products.

Zebra DNA is the intelligence - software,apps and utilities - inside our devices that transform them into a true enterprise solution.

A unique ecosystem of highly intelligent software, utilities and apps focused on:

  • Better performance and productivity
  • Ease of integration
  • Simpler deployment and management

A superior hardware solution takes more than just hardware. The software inside an enterprise mobile computer, printer and barcode scanner matters. That’s why Zebra engineered Zebra DNA, the genetic code that gives our products distinct enterprise capabilities that not only improve performance to increase workforce productivity, but also simplify management and integration to minimize deployment and day-to-day management time and cost.

With Zebra DNA, everyone wins: Zebra DNA tools make life easier for workers, managers, IT staff and developers.

Zebra DNA has been naturally evolving through our product line: Mobility DNA was developed for our mobile computers and DataCapture DNA was created for our scanners. And, Print DNA was developed for Zebra’s Link-OS printers.


Mobility DNA is the genetic code that gives Zebra mobile computers distinct enterprise capabilities. Its unique ecosystem of software transforms Android™, the world’s most popular consumer operating system (OS), into an enterprise-ready force. Now, the pains common to other enterprise mobility platforms disappear - making operations a powerhouse of productivity, management simpler, and integration problem-free. 

Lead with Mobility DNA when your customers:
  • Need a comprehensive solution for greater productivity and increased return on investment.
  • Need to minimize complexity, risk and expenses. Mobile DNA offers a proven suite of effective ready-to-use business applications.
  • Require effortless app development tools that integrate seamlessly with Zebra's line of Android mobile computers.
  • Want to simplify management and enhance security. Relevant apps include StageNow, Mobility Extensions (Mx), and PowerPrecision Batteries.
  • Want to benefit from the ease of consumer smartphone platforms, without sacrificing the critical data functionality of enterprise solutions.
  • Require more than just a device. With Mobility DNA, Zebra offers a solution that extends beyond the device and set Zebra apart from competitors who offer only a device.

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Experience superior printing capabilities with Zebra’s powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools - all powered by Link-OS®.  Transforming printers from the inside, our innovations enable you to easily configure, manage and maintain your Link-OS printersanywhere around the globe.  Analyze printers in real time for deeper visibility, gain insights to make smarter decisions, automate processes and much more.

Manage one printer, groups of printers or entire fleets of printers remotely using a browser-based interface. Streamline tasks and optimize performance to reach new levels of productivity.  Print DNA’s business-driven capabilities give you the tools to evolve your operations.

Lead with Print DNA when your customers:
  • Require better overall performance including consistent and continuous peak printer performance and worker productivity with the delivery of faster, better output from man and machine.
  • Want to simplify remote management by easily adding and controlling large volumes of printers from anywhere -with greater device visibility into status and location.
  • Need easier integration including capabilities that mimic other printer brands -eliminating the need to alter current systems -and capabilities that simplify integration of printer fleets into existing networks, ERPs and operating systems.

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DataCapture DNA

From scanner integration and deployment, to management and optimisation, Zebra DataCapture DNA covers every stage of your scanning journey. Develop apps faster, leverage remote management and troubleshooting tools, update firmware, view stats, generate reports and correct small issues before they become big problems. With this level of agility, your scanners can evolve with your business needs.

Lead with DataCapture DNA when your customers:
  • Want to simplify fleet management. Relevant elements include 123Scan, Remote Management and PowerPrecision Batteries.
  • Want to improve the performance of their data capture workflows.
  • Require a comprehensive solution for greater productivity and increased return on investment. Need to minimize complexity, risk and expenses. -DataCapture DNA offers a proven suite of tools and applications that simplify the overall scanning user experience.
  • Require effortless app development tools that integrate seamlessly with Zebra's line of scanner and imagers.

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