Zebra Circular Economy Program

Zebra Circular Economy Program offers four main components that together will improve Zebra's environmental footprint while creating additional opportunities for our channel partners.

Sometimes making business decisions can feel like a delicate balance between competing needs: today’s demands and tomorrow’s plans, seasonal needs versus long-term strategies, protecting the environment and your bottom line. You need solutions that meet all your goals and fit all your timelines.

The Zebra Circular Economy Program promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental impact of standard product lifecycles in the supply chains of both Zebra and its customers. You can manage today’s challenges while planning for tomorrow with smart solutions that are good for your budget and friendly to the environment.

The Full Device Lifecycle The Circular

Economy Program includes three initiatives covering the entire lifecycle of the Zebra devices you rely on to help run your business.

Want to purchase or rent pre-owned, Zebra certified refurbished devices? Looking to sell back Zebra devices you’re no longer using? Or, maybe you want to safely recycle used devices that are at the end of their useful life. Zebra’s Circular Economy Program offers you multiple benefits, with an option to meet your goals at every step. Choose the program that makes sense for your business while participating in an ecosystem that is good for the environment, too.

Zebra Certified Refurbished Device Program

Solutions Now, With Room To Grow

Ecofriendly and economical, Zebra’s Certified Refurbished Device Program gives new life to pre-owned devices, so they can go to work for you today.

Each refurbished device goes through a rigorous Zebra-standard testing process, comes loaded with the latest operating system and software, and contains a new battery – so they function like new. Plus, Zebra refurbished devices are certified by our Zebra experts, so you can trust that they’re reliable and durable, built to keep your efficiency high and performance at its peak – all at a competitive price point that leaves you with room to grow.

Zebra Device Buy-Back Program

Economical and Environmental

As your business grows, you might want to purposefully unload older Zebra devices that are no longer in use.

The Zebra Device Buy-Back Program allows you to sell back qualifying devices to Zebra. Get money back to help offset the cost of a technology upgrade and clear your workspace for those future devices. Plus, you’ll be working with Zebra to help reduce your business’s impact on the environment, ensuring devices don’t end up in a landfill.

Zebra Recycling Service

Smart, Sustainable Solutions

When your devices have served their purpose, trust Zebra to safely recycle them.

Your business will help reduce greenhouse gases and landfill waste through Zebra’s Recycling Program. A certificate of recycling can be provided upon request, giving your business’s green initiative a boost. It’s easy to get started. Plus, our recycling service is free of charge to Zebra customers – good for your business, and good for the environment.

No Matter Your Need,
Zebra Has You Covered

From technology upgrades to buy-back services, from certified Zebra refurbished devices to recycling programs, Zebra has the flexible solutions to meet your business’ needs. Seize today’s opportunities and accomplish tomorrow’s goals – all with Zebra.