Zebra Services

Offer customers piece of mind and protecting investments by adding Zebra Services

Today’s enterprises must embrace disruptive market conditions, emerging IT trends and rising consumer expectations. Data insights from the technologies at the edge of customers’ networks require Zebra and our partners to respond to these challenges, which open up a world of new opportunities for our partner community.

Your customers require Zebra devices to be up and running, and deployed and connected, to run their businesses. They require services and services partners to help support their critical business processes to protect their essential business operations. Helping you to understand operational utilization, maximize device fleet predictability and uptime, or simply unlock the data of edge devices, Zebra’s portfolio of services provide expertise you can confidently leverage to augment and complement your own services offers to help customers every step along the way.

Whether you manage the staging, commissioning and provisioning of devices, or handle deployment, installation and training, and resell Zebra OneCare™ maintenance plans and VisibilityIQ™ Services, you have the confidence in trusting Zebra’s reliable and proven services to back you up.

As a Zebra partner – and your customer's trusted advisor – you can leverage Zebra's expertise to help your customers find the best services solution to meet their needs: